Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Welcome back to a great 2017-2018 school year!!!!! 

I hope you all had a restful, great summer and that you are ready to speak more and more in español!!!!!!!  I did have quite a summer.  I went to Spain to visit my family at my home town (Seville) and had a great time with my folks.  My 19 years old nephew came from Spain for the first time to visit and stayed with us for almost three weeks!!!!  I am ready to go back to school to share all my experiences with our great Lincoln lions and to practice more and more español!!!!  

It takes approximately 240 minutes to improve in Spanish and our students only have class 60 or 90 minutes a week. On average, students need to hear a word approximately 100 times before they can effectively and efficiently produce the word. Therefore, most of our students are novice learners that need context, visuals, and familiar contexts to help them communicate, and they do so best with those accustomed to interacting with language learners.

This school year 2017-2018 year I teach: Five Kinder classes (Ms. Clark, Ms.Decancq, Mrs. Jacobo, Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Knox), four 1st grade classes (Mrs. Barker, Ms. Cooper, Ms. Villa and Mrs. Weber), three 2nd grade classes (Mrs. Hayes, Ms. Wilson and Ms. Meilinger), one 3rd grade class (Ms. Bartell) and one 4th grade class (Mrs. Casselle).

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Sra. Ruiz-Haneberg